With Cruxx, transparency matters.

Above all, we value transparency. Internally within our teams and externally with our clients. That’s why—when we were running campaigns with partners that kept their fees hidden and their work to themselves—we decided to make a change. The goal of Cruxx is to make digital media as effective as possible—and to do that, we need to be transparent.

We don’t hide our fees—instead we give you a flat rate, which means more of your money goes to media.

Our Commitment

  • Media Costs

    Most agencies outsource digital media buying to third-parties that charge highly inflated commissions. We ensure your media dollars are maximized by allocating them to media, not fees. We give you a transparent flat rate, which is a significant reduction from our peers.

  • Optimizations

    We never set and forget. We are constantly adjusting campaigns to test our ideas and meet our client’s goals. We’ll keep you in the loop on our changes and update you with our results.

Who We Do Work With

We’re proud to be a certified

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